In Love With My Friend Poem
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Ever fall in love
with a friend?
For Matt - Simply Because you don't know how i feel
it does not mean i can not share it with everyone

Falling In Love With My Friend

These feelings just crept up on me
Without me even thinking
I never stopped to wonder why
My eyes lingered on you the most

I didn't want to admit it
When i realised the truth
About how I love you dearly
more than I could have ever known

I find my heart race faster
as I bite my bottom lip
and hate myself for thinking of you
when we had one night of bliss

I hate myself for wanting you
because you can't be mine
And i don't want to love you.
I wish that i didn't love you

I wish that you and I could be strangers
But you are in my life and underneath my skin
you crept there very slowly
so i feel you close within

I know your darkest secrets
I know how your kisses feel
and how your arms feel wrapped around me.
I am cursed to love my friend

That which i would break my back for,
which i would sacrifice my sanity for.
I love you and i never knew until i was jealous enough not
to ignore it
Awaken myself to it

I want you more than chocolate
I need you more than air to breathe
I want to share my soul with yours
So you know, so you can take some burden of this love

It happened so quickly
I saw you, i blinked, i loved you.
And i am resigned to loving you
Knowing you love me like the friend

Which i will always be, forever, and ever.

Submitted By Lucie.
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