Love From The Broken Heart
Ending a relationship can be a brutal experience to go through, whether your the one ending the relationship,
or if your the one getting dumped.  A broken heart is one of the most horrific human emotions that you can feel.
Often it is easier to write your emotional state of mind down on paper, whether its a poem, a rant, or even
incoherent rambling.  It can really help you focus your thoughts in a time where your better judgement can really
be clouded.  Whether you are writing a poem to win back the heart of a lost love, or just need closure to a
broken heart so you can move on with your own life, poetry is very therapeutic for the soul.  The poems on this
site are either written by me, or submitted by others with a broken heart.
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To Submit your love poem simply send me an email at
heartloveaffair@yahoo.com.  I will quickly add your poem to the site.  It will help
you release your emotions, and there is always someone out there who can
relate exactly to what your going through and it might help them through their
own heartache as well, and might help them mend a broken heart.
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The Impossible Dream
The impossible dream is an untouchable dream
For those too foolish to try.
The greatest temptations, are wasted sensations
When pushed to the back of the mind

We'll all end up at the stream of dreams
The river that keeps us from where we wish to roam.
The foolish man will slowly turn and walk away
While the wise man looks for a stepping stone.
Written by Jeff S. (Me)
Breaking up and ending a relationship is truly a traumatic experience..  Whether you
are the "Dumper" or the "Dumpee"..  Writing poems can connect with how you are
feeling, and its better to let out your pain, rather than pine over the heart of a
romance lost..
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